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It is said , “Every child has infinite potential but too many Children have limited opportunities”. Having spent a considerable part of my early years in a remote town of West Bengal, realised that the students there have immense potential but are limited by their access to resources. The lack of proper affordable tutorials that can yield better result by bridging the digital divide between the urban and rural India is the need of the day. EDUFRND endeavours to make quality education accessible to all.
Sudipta Das Gupta
Co-Founder & Director
EDUFRND helps teachers to ensure that every child in the class is learning, given the wide diversity of learning styles in the classroom. It is also highly efficient in maintaining students' interest and engagement in learning inside the classroom. EDUFRND simplifies the problems of teaching, abstract curriculum concepts that are difficult for students to visualize or relate to, through the provision of three-dimensional, interactive multimedia modules.
Best way possible initiative taken by EDUFRND
Mr Dritan Hoxha,
Master of Education (M.Ed.), Physics, Albania
EDUFRND has taken a nice initiative to make study interesting and engaging. This way of study will enhance skills of understanding and strong student base for concept. Best of Luck

Mr Levis Omondi,
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) | University of Oxford

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